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Drawing Format for LT, HT & DC Motor Spares

If you have imported Motors or Motors without name plate or if the Motors are very old then also supply of spare parts can be explored if the drawing is made available after taking the required dimension from the motor. A simple format is given for this purpose and this can be modified to suit your requirement  1. Cooling Fan  2. Terminal Block 3. Fan Cover 4. Slipring Motor Carbon Brush 5. Brush Holder 6. Slipring Unit 7. DC Motor Carbon Brush 8. DC Motor Blower Assembly
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Information required for supplying the right spares for the AC Motors

Apart from KW ,Speed ,Frame Size ,we need the following information as  highlighted  in the name plate depending upon the Make of Motor to supply the exact spares required CG LT Motor ND Series: NG Series APEX Series CG DC Motors CG Alternator CG HT Motor ABB Motor M2BA Series Motor E2BA Series M2BAX Series Motor BBL Motor MA Series Standard Cage Motor Slipring Crane duty motor Crane Duty Motor

How To Order Motor Spares

                        How to order Motor spares 1. The main motor parts are   a. Cooling fan b. Fan cover                                       C. Drive end Endshield D. Non drive end Endshield e. Drive end Flange (Flangeshield) f. Terminal Block/Terminal strip/Terminal board/Terminal Bar g. Terminal Box (PVC/Metal Sheet/ Cast Iron) h. Terminal box top cover For slipring motor additionally A.Slipring unit B.carbon brushes C.Brush Holders D.Brush holder spindle For DC Motors A.commutator B.Filer unit C Filter unit with Blower D.Filter unit with Blower and AC motor Other parts like Body, Shaft. Rotor with Shaft Oil seals, bearings, O rings, Force cooling unit and FLP studs can also be made available 2. You may be having Motors of different makes in your manufacturing unit. Here are the few points worth considering 3. Minimum required information to Float enquiry -           Frame size with Prefix and suffix like ND100L or HX112M
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